iPhone Picture Patchwork

The one thing or really one of the things that people complain about the iPhone is the camera and how crappy it is. But this guy took some interesting pictures and manually stitched them together to create these patchwork panoramas. I would try taking shots like these but it would be really tough to stitch them together to get the creative image because I am horrible at photoshop.

Link: Flickr

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I read about a company developing a software that will constantly search the internet for photos using the geo tags of the photos- photos taken by u, me and everyone else posted on the net- of places around the world and stitch them together, the software also looks for photos taken inside museums and landmarks so we can have a look inside, they claim that soon we will be able to to browse entire cities in VR…go inside buildings, museums, and restaurants…etc.

  2. adrenaline, it’s already online and its a microsoft product!

  3. which is why it’ll never be more than a toy ….

  4. Same here. I’m horrible at photoshop too, but I guess I need to have a photoshop program first before I declare my lack of photoshoping skills. But I know I’m gonna suck ass regardless.

    But those shots are excellent. Worth to be displayed at a gallery somewhere.

  5. j0e


  6. those are pretty awesome and abstract. I like them … that guys is pretty creative

  7. you can actually stich the photos together right there on the iPhone using an application called PanoLab.. it works really well and is so much fun to just mess around with, and the best part is it was free!

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