My iPod Nano 4G

I ordered this a couple of weeks back now, and it took two weeks to ship from Amazon and another week to arrive from Aramex. I kept hearing good reviews about it and how the build quality is high.

The package arrived and it weighed less the 1 lb, 0.65lbs to be exact. The best thing is unpacking an Apple product, they do know how to make simple and quality packaging. I liked the color of the Black or more like Dark Grey iPod Nano. As soon as you open it you realize how then it is. I couldn’t believe they fit 16 GB into something that thin, and its extremely light. I needed an mp3 player to use when I’m riding and this turned out to be the perfect player, you don’t even feel it in your pocket.

The screen quality and brightness are amazing, I haven’t seen something such as this before. You can clearly see the screen in bright day light, I was changing songs looking at the screen while wearing my motorcycle helmet during broad day light and I have a tinted screen. The scroller feels very nice and precise so I was clicking away. Surprisingly this mp3 player is louder through the same headphones then my iPod Touch. I usually set the volume just below the maximum when I’m riding to be able to hear it when its windy, but this was clearly louder and I was enjoying that.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think you are coming over to the greener side :P So no worries about you :P And yeah I agree with everything you said it’s a great product.

  2. jewaira

    Very nice.

  3. mashalla, I order a yellow one since Sep 16 and didn’t receive it yet!!!
    alla yhaneek o elfal li

  4. The black looks sleek but not as sexy as my Silver LOL :P

    Now, it would be interesting if you have an organized iTunes to compliment that iPod of yours.

  5. MAbrook :-) el fal 7ag el computer el yay inshallah :-)

  6. Maaz

    How do u guys buy online…and do u have to pay customs?

  7. Those guys no how to wrap up a product don’t they?

  8. Fhaid

    It’s the best iPod to date. The Genius playlists work like magic, and the control on the device is like never before, it’s really precise and slick! The games on the iPod are fun, the Maze game is addictive!

    iCity and Digits sell it:
    16 GB for 65 KD

    I don’t know about the 8 one.

  9. Ahmed aka "the egyption"

    i sleep with my ipod too

  10. punky

    finally you are in full stride using apple mp3 players, no more iriver crap!

  11. Does the ipod shuffle get shuffled while running because of the movement?

  12. Nice work, I couldn’t live without mine…it’s like a security blanket. Enjoy!

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