The Brudelli Leanster

A new fast and agile toy from Brudelli, a three wheel motorcycle oddity with a nice 654cc 63 bhp KTM engine. It seems you ride this motorcycle just as you do a normal motorcycle, with the two front wheels leaning to max of 45 degrees based on your input. It is claimed that this machine can handle road surfaces ranging from normal tarmac, to gravel, to snowy surface, while giving even novice riders the ability and confidence to perform “controlled power slides” with apparent ease. The starting price for this machine is 21,000 Euros and starting production this October.

Link: gizmag

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    That would give me confidence to ride a bike lol
    rather like a bicycle with training wheels but reversed

  2. wa7sh il ba7ar

    dude thats looks fun to ride and dune bash in julai3a

  3. ChiefQ8

    i wanna try it

  4. Q80 In Denver

    I hate bikes .. ma 3alaih marzouq :pP but this one looks alot of fun! I like the leaning part .. that what made me interested .. aa I need one :p

  5. girl

    i like,,,,,, akeeed i’m getting my brother one

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