Disappearing Pool Table

Every gaming room should be comfortable and be unique but this is probably the coolest piece of furniture I have seen yet. I’m curious how the whole mechanism works and what are the fail safes if something goes wrong, and that pool table does look heavy.

Link: Gizmodo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    interesting concept

  2. maryam

    I over looked the table part and thought it be a pool!! How can people fit in it, then duh pool table!! and thinking about over coming the faults, that’s just geeky, finally I get to say it ;P

  3. Even though we are in 2008 our machines still make annoying noises, and we’re still sitting on a chair and rolling on four wheels to get to work, and the blue screen still strikes when least expected. We, humans, and our technology, are overrated my dear friend.

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