TANGO – Out to Play

The weather was really nice during the week and I decided to go out mid-week since I still had a few days. The weather was really nice the day before so the next day I woke up around 7:30 am, showered, geared up and headed out. And during my stop at the gas station and people’s consensus it has been decided that he has been named Tango to fit the attitude. This also relates to one of the most entertaining movies from the late 80s, Tango and Cash!

Filled up at Miseela gas station, stopped at Starbucks Bida’a for a quick drink and then headed down the road. I decided to keep to the seaside since people will be driving to work on most of the other roads. This machine’s build quality can be felt when you are riding, you can really feel the road. I don’t think I have even tapped into it’s capabilities but it gives me this strange confidence to keep on pushing and I keep getting closer to the gravel as I am going through the corners. I went by the airport road and I love that curved piece of highway and try to push it as hard as I can, I don’t realize how fast I’m going, my eyes on the target and trying to keep to lines that I see in my head. I really do need to go to a race track soon. I just hope it gets a little cooler soon, riding season is back and I am really going to enjoy it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. we saw you at the traffic light for miseela!! you sped off when the light turned green o your friend was behind you

  2. yaaaaaay for tango :D

    that metal part sticking out remind me of all those movies where you see a car and on their tire they have a metal part like that to ruin the cars next to them

  3. AngelOfDeth

    The bike is a stunner, you do have to get a matching helmet though …

    Mabrouk bro!!!!

  4. QQ

    gratz on the bike
    ya36eek `7aira o yakfeek shara

    o/ ride safe

  5. Airport curve, i miss that

    Oh..am not sure about the GR logo, if you can replace it with a gray or orange one to match the OEM scribbles already on the fairing.

  6. Purgatory

    The way the post with the pictures looks like you took your GF out on a date and those are pictures of her from all angles ;p

  7. looks nice with all the mods, that’s one sharp looking bike !

  8. PIC #9 is amazing
    it shows that Tango is alive!! something really amazing in that PIC

  9. wa7sh il ba7ar

    can u ask tango how fast can she go?

  10. frizzle

    lol i totally agree w purg! i’d actually love it if my BF/husband took pics of me from all these angles ;P but maybe that kind of attention only comes out for a bike

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