Emirates A380

It seems Emirates Airlines have already gotten their hands on their A380, I wonder which city they will be flying to with this behemoth. The pictures they have sent out are pretty funny, and the first class cabin seems comfortbale but why is everyone sitting sideways in it? Business class seems really interesting. I can’t help but laugh when looking at the pictures, the plane is impressive but the people just look too funny


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Probably New York City and their new Los Angeles route…

  2. Mohsin

    call mw if you want the details.

  3. jewaira

    Whatever next?

  4. I think that’s genius, way more space is always great :D

    In the 7th photo, it looks like the guy’s removing his make-up lol

  5. it goes to the states

    ppl in the PICs look really relaaaaaxed

  6. Purgatory

    They already have it for NY

  7. two of the best features are “Wi Fi and the shower”

  8. wanaaasaa and pics are so funny I could do a better job

  9. LOL the picture of the black guy is hilarious!

  10. LOL! The photos are very funny!
    The first class cabins look awesome!!!!

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