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Scaling Down

Or to be exact, I need to scale down at this point, or drop some weight. I went to the nutritionist for the first time, never been to one before and I have always been skeptical, but not after seeing how my friends have lost weight for the past few months, and it has been to extreme. Today is the day I start the “detoxing” week, he simply testing the reaction of my metabolism to his shock of a diet.

I explained to him what is my eating schedule and vices when it comes to food. He took my weight and height, I need to get some blood work done for him to gauge me. My BMI (Body Mass Index) rate is pretty high and he said that I am Obese, and close to super obese. I honestly laughed when he said that, I don’t think it was the reaction he was expecting. My weight right now is 102.5 KG, my ideal BMI weight is between 72 Kg and 77 Kg, which I have never been since adulthood. My aim was to get to the low 80s and get my stamina back more then anything else. But this is going to be interesting and I will be starving for the first week, so lets see how this goes. And since this started today, I ate to my heart’s content yesterday!