ShootSac & A Book

Its always nice getting something in the mail, or to be exact the Aramex box. I ordered the book a while back and the ShootSac as well, it seems they came together.

  • Infinite Crisis – Greg Cox
  • ShootSac (Lens Bag)

I have wanted this book after finishing Craig Cox’s 52 which was an amazing novel, Infinite Crisis was the novel that I couldn’t put down so my assumption was that the novel before it was just as good. Now I just have to finish the books I’m reading now to start this novel.

I have been in need of a bag which can carry my lenses while I’m taking some shots. I tend to switch lenses back and forth, and this turned out to be the perfect back. It molds around when your leaning in for a shot, and it pretty much fits any size lens, except for those huge lenses the rest fit fine. It is a high quality bag but comes with a price, but what I find odd is the low quality of the strap and since you are carrying it around constantly I would expect it to be more comfortable around the shoulder after long periods of carrying.

Link: ShootSac

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  1. Mabrook! The bag looks great, keep a spot empty for the fisheye.

  2. I recently purchased my very first comic book which is the classic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. I read it long ago on my big brother’s computer, but I didn’t get to finish it entirely. I’m trying to find some time to sit down and get engross by it, all over again.

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