StarCraft 2 – Splitting It Up!

I can’t believe that Blizzard is splitting it up after all this time. I was annoyed about this news, I don’t mind the wait for StarCraft 2 since we all have such high expectations. They just released that you will only be able to play as a Terran for the first iteration, the Zerg and Protos campaigns will be released in the following year as an expansion pack, one pack for each species. So they will make us wait for 3 to 4 years to play the game as a whole! It is very annoying and those expansion packs are not going to be cheap!

Link: OhGizmo

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  1. Its been ten years since the last one .. we should be glad we are getting anything at all!

  2. Coffers

    Whats the point, i wanna go head to head with my friends on a network game and have Protos, humans and Zerg fight each other…kinda sad.

  3. John

    It is not that they are splitting up the entire game. Just the campaigns. From the first release of sc2 you can play as zerg terran and protoss in multiplayer and skirmishs, however, you will only get the terran storyline. The other 2 race’s story lines are going to be released at a later date. as for price i believe that it will follow the typicial prices. $50 USD for the primary game and 20-40 for the expans. not to mention the fact that as soon as they release the first and second expan, a battle chest will be released right with it. Honestly I think that it should be a free downloadable update rather then an expan.

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