The Menu

So I have started the detoxing period and I don’t think its that bad, some people freaked out about it. I just finished the 2nd day of the track, and so another 5 days left. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I didn’t mind no sweets, and I didn’t have a sugar crash, not just yet.

  • Breakfast: Water + 1 Apple
  • Noon: 5 Nuts + 1 Apple
  • Lunch: 1/4 of Chicken + Salad
  • Afternoon: 2 Dates + Lettuce
  • Dinner: Varying on the day, had Soup Day One and Tabooleh Day Two.

Its honestly not too bad, I get hungry very quickly and I don’t feel too heavy at all. I just want to sleep earlier then usual because I run out of energy. I still went out riding on my own for bit but when I started feeling tired I headed home, it felt good to ride but I’m craving rice.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. :o
    but thats like eating nothing !!!!
    good luck anyway :/

  2. monichum

    7altek sa3baaaaaaaaaaa

  3. NoOne

    No its not sa3baaa. Its only hard at the start n zook can do it!

    I read somewhere its normal to experience headaches & dizziness when you first detox but if it gets too much, they can always readjust the diet for you.

    I’m gonna detox too this week.

  4. daddyz Girl

    Best of luck Marzouq, you can add lemon & mustered cuz both are 0 calories and it gives salad dressing really good taste.

  5. Actually not that bad, but try to drink lots of water. You will lose quickly.

  6. Is this going to effect the thursday night menu???????

  7. Boochi

    That’s brutal man!

  8. zahed

    which means no GRILLO for you batcher (boogie wonderland)

  9. Purgatory

    So you will look sexy like Nibaq soon.

  10. Jewaira

    [email protected] Purgatory…

    Marzouq a true Kuwaiti always craves rice but hang on in there ;)

    Just think of how good you will feel at the end of the week

  11. it felt good to ride but I’m craving rice
    that made me laugh a lot

  12. anony

    Stop eating rice and believe me you’ll lose a good amount of weights!

  13. hi

    dude 7aram..why do u have panchetta on ur salad?

  14. Purgatory

    He knows what I mean ;p

  15. Wow, you are one a diet Marzouq! Best of luck then. It seems your hectic, busy work is keeping you distracted from hunger and running to the fridge and fast food places every so often.

    Best of luck and keep it up ;)

  16. jewaira


    Who knows what you mean? Nibaq or Marzouq? Lol

    What does he mean Marzouq? :P

  17. Zabo0o6a

    i knoooow this diet !
    really amazing , u’ll get the chance to have some rice later on ;)
    just keep it up !

  18. Zabo0o6a

    and i want some of this salad !

  19. Rashisha

    Im doing the same thing…except for breakfat only i have a sandwich…lol no carbs after that and nothing after 7… i feel better… i went to the gym at 6 AM today it was AMAZING

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