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The Menu

So I have started the detoxing period and I don’t think its that bad, some people freaked out about it. I just finished the 2nd day of the track, and so another 5 days left. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I didn’t mind no sweets, and I didn’t have a sugar crash, not just yet.

  • Breakfast: Water + 1 Apple
  • Noon: 5 Nuts + 1 Apple
  • Lunch: 1/4 of Chicken + Salad
  • Afternoon: 2 Dates + Lettuce
  • Dinner: Varying on the day, had Soup Day One and Tabooleh Day Two.

Its honestly not too bad, I get hungry very quickly and I don’t feel too heavy at all. I just want to sleep earlier then usual because I run out of energy. I still went out riding on my own for bit but when I started feeling tired I headed home, it felt good to ride but I’m craving rice.