17/10 – The Cut Off Date

This additional numbers are causing slight havoc and some systems haven’t yet adapted to it. I don’t get my Aramex texts anymore, it seems they are working on it. 17/10/08 is the cut off date, I’m not sure what exactly is  going to happen or what isn’t going to happen.

  • 1+800 numbers
  • 2+Landlines
  • 9+MTC
  • 6+Wataniya

The most annoying part is that I am getting 5-7 wrong calls a day, and at the worst of times. For the past few weeks I’m not really answering numbers that I don’t know because I’m tired of saying you have the wrong number, especially those numbers where you have no clue where they are calling from.

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  1. Yeah, it was quite annoying to me too, considering I’m not a tech-savvy person, I wound up re-editing all the numbers of Kuwait without resorting to an easier, faster solution (if there’s any).

  2. daddyz Girl

    Angelo there are lots of easy ways to do it, or simply contact ur network providers (Wataniya or Zain) and they will direct u to the closest branch where it will be done in a few mins.

    But for landlines users they will face a cut off about 5 hrs starting 1 am of October 17th so BE WARN!

  3. jewaira

    Why will land lines face a cut off of 5 hours on the 17th?

  4. daddyz Girl

    Due to the new numbering plan. It was announced last night on TV !!

  5. i like the shot of the blackberry. Was that taken by u?

  6. Boochi

    Oh Tell Me about it .. i got to a point where i intentionally leave my phone home cuz of all the “wrong calls” i get!!

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