Major Cravings

I’ve been sticking to this diet, feeling a rabbit at times eating lettuce and nothing else. This is really funny, its always these small meals that still leave me hungry for a little more. I honestly have no major problems with the small meals and I do like cold water so I just tend to drink a lot of water but the main issue that I’m having is at night.

At night I have this small dish which doesn’t do much for me, and all feel like eating is Chinese food. Manchurian Chicken, Kung Poa Shrimp/Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Stir Fry Chicken, House Special Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Chicken/Shrimp, Beef Brocolli, and the list keeps going. I remember the late night take out Chinese when I used to leave the computer lab late at night from university. You know its not good when you dream of Chinese food at night, I do laugh at myself, but the dream is so real I can even remember the taste of the food!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. allah, i am so craving noodles now

  2. jewaira

    Oh dear! Stop torturing yourself and us with all those photos! Yummy

    This won’t do…

    At least you’re dreaming about food and tasting it in your sleep which is better than eating it and ruining your detox plan.

    Hang on in there :-) And keep us updated lol

  3. NoOne

    Hang in there Marzouq! The tough part will soon be over. Reward yourself with a small chinese meal at the end of the week.

    You can do it!!!!!!

    N yeah stop posting pics of food.

  4. Q80 In Denver

    LooL marzouq it’s just “Taha’yoaat!” :p Daydreaming :p wake up!! you’re on a goddamn DIET! :Pp Kelesh ma 7aba6tik :p

  5. Hmmm…I don’t know if this is conducive to your diet but:

    When you order Chinese in Kuwait, where do you order from/go to and what are the best dishes? Hook a brotha up… ;-)

  6. uniball

    its good that u feel hungry after the smaller meals that means your metabolism is kicking in, and you’re burning more

    smaller meals throughout the day is a hundred times better than a heavy meal at the end of the day

    keep going you’ll reward yourself by seeing the scale drop 3-4kgs at the end of the week

  7. Name

    Marzouq where did you study in the US?

  8. And now, you just made things harder on yourself; every time you open your blog you will be greeted with this delicious Kung Poa chicken. Better make more posts quickly so this one would be buried to the next page :P

  9. LOOOOL you are too funny

    Hang in there buddy the reward of loosing the pounds is going to be amazing ^_^

  10. I LOVE Chinese!! It’s the best cuisine. Thai is also great when perfected.

  11. Saud

    Offffff Chinese thats like the best cuisine invented marzouq .. you have great taste.

    As for the place to spoil your detox is Wok Master … I tried it after 248am reviewed it and gave it a great review.

    Just as 248am said “its suddenly became one of my favorite Chinese places in Kuwait”

  12. lol, just remember to disable images from your site when you visit it – if you do. The pics look YUMMY!

    Yea, small meals that leave you hungry are good for you. Stay healthy and Good luck!

  13. Louzi

    7araam 3alaik :( im on a diet too! ou 7ady im craving foooood! .. actual food not diet food.. :(

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