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Major Cravings

I’ve been sticking to this diet, feeling a rabbit at times eating lettuce and nothing else. This is really funny, its always these small meals that still leave me hungry for a little more. I honestly have no major problems with the small meals and I do like cold water so I just tend to drink a lot of water but the main issue that I’m having is at night.

At night I have this small dish which doesn’t do much for me, and all feel like eating is Chinese food. Manchurian Chicken, Kung Poa Shrimp/Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Stir Fry Chicken, House Special Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Chicken/Shrimp, Beef Brocolli, and the list keeps going. I remember the late night take out Chinese when I used to leave the computer lab late at night from university. You know its not good when you dream of Chinese food at night, I do laugh at myself, but the dream is so real I can even remember the taste of the food!