I’m Starving

I think at this point I’m sloberring at the keyboard, I’m so hungry I feel like my stomach is really empty. Usually I can’t sleep with an empty stomach but at this point I’m just passing out from lacking of energy. Its late and I’m really craving a chilli cheese hotdog with chilli cheese fries, and maybe a chili bowl. I’m also thinking about the one Phili Chease Steak Sandwich store down the road from my apartment in the US, I could even taste it, and they only made variations of that sandwich. I’m really craving that Phili Cheese Steak Sandwich, I remember always being satisfied after eating those sandwiches.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL Allah e3eeenik I know those cravings they hit me at the weirdest of times! :s

  2. Heheheheh i now how u feel, i had to fast for 7 days after a surgery because of a bike accident, i was not allowed to even drink water for 5 days.

    I craved for lamp head and feet- Basha and Karaeen-which i never eat in my life and never will…look at the bright side u still can eat something i couldn’t.

  3. nice post

    gotta go have lunch,, i believe today’s em6abag semach


    Marzouq stop it lol! Your photos are tantalizing.

    You can do it! Just think of the feelings of satisfaction you will get for overcoming those temptations

  5. Don’t you get like one day of indulgence in your diet? My big brother who happened to be overweight (or maybe obese) used to have one when he followed his diet.

    BTW, what is the best place in Kuwait to get chili cheese hotdog? Don’t tell me Hardees! Surely we have a better place that sells better hotdogs than that.

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  7. ricky

    ramen noodles

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