Transformers 2 Spy Shots

I am just waiting for this movie to come out, I think that the first movie was fantastic. There are a few new cars like the H3T and supposedly future looking corvette and the usual crew. I’m counting down the days until the release of this movie, and in Spring they will be releasing the Camaro for sale.

Link: Carzi
Link: Carzi
Link: Carzi

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  1. Wow…pretty cool. A lot of people talked smack about the first Transformers, but I didn’t think it was bad. Humor, action, and car against car mayhem. Is there an actual launch date?

  2. I really cant wait to watch the movie the first one was amazing and i kinda didn’t expect it to be :P but i have a feeling the sequel is gonna be good ;)

  3. Lexicon

    i heard they are shooting a few scenes in egypt?

  4. WoW! that looks so awesome!! I really cant wait!! XD

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