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The Drop



It has been an interesting 11 days since this whole fiasco started, my intention is to lose weight and now I’ve started to feel it. After about 6 days I lost 1.5 KGs, and now after 11 days I have dropped from 102.5 Kg to just under 97 Kg which feels good. I didn’t really feel the weight lose as much as I don’t feel as hungry anymore. I don’t eat much through out the day. and I don’t get that hungry. I tend to eat small meals, and at this point I get about 35 mins of excercise a day to burn some energy. Some days I didn’t excercise instead I went riding for over an hour and half, and the weather is fantastic these days. I hope I can keep this up and my target is to get to the 80 Kgs, one big difference is that sleeping light does feel good, and since I don’t have that much energy in me I pass out early.