The Drop



It has been an interesting 11 days since this whole fiasco started, my intention is to lose weight and now I’ve started to feel it. After about 6 days I lost 1.5 KGs, and now after 11 days I have dropped from 102.5 Kg to just under 97 Kg which feels good. I didn’t really feel the weight lose as much as I don’t feel as hungry anymore. I don’t eat much through out the day. and I don’t get that hungry. I tend to eat small meals, and at this point I get about 35 mins of excercise a day to burn some energy. Some days I didn’t excercise instead I went riding for over an hour and half, and the weather is fantastic these days. I hope I can keep this up and my target is to get to the 80 Kgs, one big difference is that sleeping light does feel good, and since I don’t have that much energy in me I pass out early. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hi

    sleeping light=naam khafeef…hahaha int 3ajeeb:P

  2. thats cool…

    I need to get into shape as well – do you mind sharing the contact details of the Nutritionist you visited??

  3. jewaira

    Bravo :-)

  4. mmm sounds like a mission :) Good luck…

  5. Make sure you take vitamins… Don’t make the same mistake I did by ending up in hospital due to lack of nourishment… If you go to the pharmacy just ask for multi vitamins, bes let ur nutritionist know first…

  6. Khaled

    great job.. soo whats ur diet? if u dont mind posting it to us so we could shed off a few pounds!

  7. thats great..! whos ur nutritionist? id b grateful if u gave me contacts or info.


  8. Ok name and number of your nutritionist I need to see him ASAP>

  9. Cool Marzook. Ok can you give the name and number of your nutritionist I need to see him ASAP>

  10. yahoo....

    Ya i knw it totally cool to sleep light its awesome aint it.

  11. fellow

    mashala! good for u! but make sure u do some exercise so that once the weight is off, u r not left with stretch skin sagging everywhere. cos then ur gona need to surgically chop it off.

    but seriously, good job!

  12. TI3GIB

    That’s double my weight. I want to gain some.

    Doesn’t work that way (N)

  13. Wow! that is great progress for a week! keep it up! ^_^

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