The new Guy Ritchie movie, taking it back to the old school. This man knows what he does best, gangster movie with lots of crazy people. This is why I love Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, a dirty gangster movie taking place in London and now with a new story line and twist. A lot of great characters playing in this movie, and it has some interesting similarities to real life London.

Link: IMDB

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  1. everybody’s saying its gonna be good, I hope it is :S

  2. Aliman

    Marzouq I need to meet your dvd guy!! I need these movies you keep reviewing and Jabriya Video House doesnt have any of them nor does my local Deweedee guy
    Please shot me a mail with the places number (please dont tell me torrent, havent been into P2P since kazzaa lite)

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