Trying to eat healthy is a bit difficult, and one thing that annoys me is that my sense of smell has become very sharp. I can smell a shawarma a mile away, especially when I’m riding the motorcycle. I was recommended to go to Obika for their really fresh food and healthy selection. When I walked in I didn’t know it was a mozzarella bar, and there were a lot of healthy items to choose from. I ordered some mozzarella rolls with beef, some salads, some sandwiches, and took them to my friends. I had a some salad and some turkey, and a little bit of cheese. All together it was really light and the food tasted very good, it was really enjoyable, they are located at the new end of the Avenues and on the first floor (not ground floor).

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. cool. I really wanna try this place.

  2. Strange… Haven’t seen this place in the avenues… Must be at the very very end… will try it out.

  3. Adel

    Where is this place?

  4. healthy food… i don’t think u need a special restaurant for that, all u need it to know what to pick from any restaurant menu.

    Oh and i really think its all bullshit, is their stuff organic? otherwise its a hoax

  5. Boochi

    You poor thing!!
    Sense of Smell eh? GOD HELP YOU! :p

  6. argg. i’m there now with the wife. They accept only cache pending knet machine. ii ran to atm @ Carrfoure but it was out of order. had to speed walk all the way to nbk/ikea and back b4 the soup arrives.. not funny but good exercise!
    I really wanted the salmon but they just ran out
    might blog about it later

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