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Review: Max Payne

A man on a path to find his family’s killers, and with only one goal in mind. Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne, a hardened cop who cares nothing but for revenge, and he plays this role really well. There is a lot of similarity to the game in the main story, but thats about it, it takes a completely different path. You pick up the main idea of the story from the start and there an interesting bunch of characters and actors in this movie. I had very high expectations and I wanted to enjoy the action, but there was some confusion as to what was real and what wasn’t. I like most of Mark Wahlberg’s movie and I liked this one too but it was too confusing until the end you understand what they were trying to portray, but I think it should have concentrated more on the story rather then the effects. Bullets are flying every where and you just feel that Mark is really getting beat up, it keeps getting more intense so you get pulled into it. Its worth watching and enjoying the action, but don’t have very high expectations for it.

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