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HP Mini 1000

The Mini 1000 comes in several configurations, but the basic model starts at $400 and comes with Windows XP Home Edition. You can choose between an 8.9″ or a 10.2″ display, 8GB or 16GB SSD or a 60GB HDD. The stock model has only 512MB RAM, upgradeable to 1GB (for an extra $25), and although the webcam is standard, Bluetooth is not — HP will swap out the Wi-Fi (801.11g) card for a combo Bluetooth/Wireless g version for another $25.

At last HP has switched over to the Intel Atom, the Via processor from before was a little too slow for my liking. I loved the quality of the HP MiniNote and this looks the same, so hopefully it will perform as good as it looks this time around, and he price is very reasonable as well. Too bad they don’t have it upgradeable to 2GB Ram, I’m going to wait to see the reviews on this machine.

Link: UnCrate