Review: The Eagle Eye

Shia LaBeouf is one of those actors that I enjoy watching, he just keeps getting better and in this movie he was great. From the start its an action packed movie with an array of interesting characters, I especially like the role Billy Bob Thorton plays. Just like Shia you are at a loss in the beginning trying to figure out what is going on, something is tied to the government and nobody knows who is pulling the strings. You are trying to figure out whats is going to happen next after each car chase, explosion, fight, and more. One hell of a movie that keeps you on your toes with an interesting twist for an ending, the best part is at every point throughout the movie there is always something unexpected that is going to happen which you might think you have figured out. An action packed and entertaining movie with a great storyline, go see it.

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  1. I watched the movie, however I wasn’t too impressed by it. It was a watchable flick, but not something I would remember after the closing title. This was taking Enemy Of The State and Put Skynet into it! ;-)

  2. baroni

    version7, You took the words right out of my..

  3. I must disagree with ur rating. The movie was AMZING up to the point where it ended. The ending was stupid and it was obvious that they had no way to go with the movie. Such a shame for a good movie to end so badly.

  4. suspic

    Fun but quite shit.

    We’ve seen the same plot all over cinemas with I, Robot and its likes.

    I absolutely hated the ending. It went great until I found out about the computer thing.

  5. a lot of people I’ve talked to didn’t like the movie, actually you are the only one whose liked it :/

  6. tartooob

    I am sorry but I totally agree with verzion7 and kwt23, very bad movie.

  7. maryam

    I like Shia since ‘Sven Steven’ but the movie was good upto the machine thing WTH, then of course how it ended that’s it!!! Many things didn’t make sense. Anyway I am just looking forward for Transformers 2 ;)

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