Internet Explorer Issues

I have been getting emails and phone calls about people having trouble viewing the blog. I didn’t think much about it in the begging, but seeing as that everyone is having the similar problem I just tested it out and it was true. If you are using Internet Explorer then you are going to have a problem, and since it can’t handle an exception it is damn annoying and says that it can’t access the website. If you are using Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or pretty much anything else you will be fine. There is a javascript running on one of the posts and that is causing a problem with Internet Explorer, it will just take a couple of days and the post will be gone so then people will not have problems viewing it.

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  1. good luck dude… would you mind posting the javascript that caused that and how you solved it later on? who knows people learn

  2. amer

    I use IE 7 and have no problems whatesoever – maybe they need to download all windows updates

  3. maryam

    Good time for people to just switch browsers. I only use it to check work email since it’s Microsoft exchange

  4. lfc-q8

    Z yeah u had this problem a while back then it went away and now its back for almost 3 days
    the thing is when i visit ur blog from anonymouse it wroks fine no error

  5. tartooob

    Marzouq, you are using IE ? -__-
    I command you to download FIREFOX right now ! =P

  6. Q8Geek: Its in a post, can’t really fix it, I would have to delete the post. IE just doesn’t like how the javascript is structured and can’t handle the exception!

    Amer: You are being deceived!! lol

    Maryam: I try to never use it!

    lfc-q8: Its just problems with the javascript, thats about it!

    Laialy: Very!

    Jacqui: Same here!

    tartoob: Your kidding! I never use it! Been using Firefox from day one and on different computers I use Google Chrome! I just tested what people were having problems with!

  7. LOL i was in Pakistan and was checking ur blog at the airport. For a sec I thought I am getting this error cuz they are blocking contents of your blog :D

  8. Anonymous

    I agree, IE is dumb, but it’s still popular unfortunately.

    Use this next time:

    <!–[if !IE]>–>

    Code Internet Explorer wont execute here.


  9. Amu: Lol! sorry bout that! hehe! Curiously, what content are they blocking?

    Anonymous: Thanks. I will insert that to see that it doesn’t choke on the post again. And your right unfortunately its popular.

  10. What can I say?…….. “Microsoft” :-)

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