1. jewaira

    Interesting indeed.

  2. Seems this movie is getting a lot of negative publicity, portraying 007 as the new Bourne Movie. Having said that, if you have read the book which I did like 2 decades ago, Quantum of Solace is Bond unleashed seeking personal revenge, so no M or Baddies its a wham bam thank you mam as far i recall. I never liked the book, I guess I will not like the movie either.

  3. AAA

    I’ve seen the movie since i’m in the UK , I have to say the movie in terms of filming is awesome and very creative , the action is realistic yet very ferocious , however , the story isn’t that great :(

  4. TI3GIB

    I can’t believe how much of the bassline progression those bastards stole off Beyonce’s Woman Like Me from The Pink Panther.

    Which still would have worked miles better than this for QoS

  5. tartooob

    Interesting weird song of these two but its not related in anyway to 007, Best song was Golden eye. This song is a wanna be.

  6. tartooob

    ITs not a bond theme in anyway nor a bond-appropriot

  7. Seriously Marzouq, this is nothing compared to the previous theme song. Along with Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, Soundgarden became one of the most successful bands from Seattle’s emerging grunge scene in the early 1990s. The band was formed in 1984 by Chris Cornell, and for the previous 007 film Casino Royale theme song they asked that very same legendary Chris Cornell to do it. Cornell co-wrote and performed the song accompanying the opening titles for the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, and Jack White’s “Another Way To Die” can’t even get close to the power of “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell. Jack White thinks he’s a genius, but there is a thin line between genius and meaningless.

    Listen to Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” if you hadn’t heard it yet:
    listen to the crazy lyrics.

  8. TI3GIB

    Cornell might have written a half decent Bond song, but definetly takes the trophy when it comes to the biggest sellout.

    A complete departure that strong Soundgarden influence.

  9. i have not been feeling this song at all … fashil!

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