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Gear Issues

I was driving out of my house on Friday early morning going to pass by some the family. As I was getting to the light there was a small jolt while it was down shifting, didn’t think much of it. When the light turned green I stepped on the gas, but the car didn’t shift into gear. I was slightly in perplexed and wasn’t sure what was going on, I switched the car on and off. It drove but as if the gear was barely catching so I went back home and parked the car. It was a Friday and the dealership was closed, so I had to wait until Saturday to take the car in. I called the flatbed to come pick up the car and it arrived around 7:30 am and I went with it to the dealership. 

I had one worry during this time, I’m sure the gear wasn’t damaged since it was shifting into all the gears. It could have been the hydraulic pump or the clutch or something else. My main worry was that GulfRun is in about three weeks and there is no way I can miss it, I have been looking forward to it for months now. I spoke to the service man and then I pass by again around 1:00 pm, and called back around 2:30 pm. The final diagnosis and they verified it after they took the transmission down is that my clutch was at the end of its life.  The workshop manager asked me how was I driving the car, I told him “lightly” and started laughing. Luckily there was one part in stock and they will fix it right away, the whole process takes about 3 days due to the complexity of the location. Hopefully that is the only thing that is broken, and I can have the car back on the road soon.