Shift in Pattern

This diet has been working out, a little at slow pass but there has been progress and I do sleep light. The nutritionist wasn’t too impressed with the results for the past two weeks, but I managed to keep things in check. I’m making progress and even after a meal my weight was 98 kgs, 2.5 kgs from the last time he saw me.

I think I need to exercise a little more, and get some real cardio into this routine. At least 30 to 40 minutes a day and that will help.

The Diet this Week:


  1. Frosties W/ Milk
  2. Toast W/ Milk
  3. Fruit W/ Milk
  4. Fruit W/ Milk
  5. Repeat from Beginning


  1. Grilled Meat w/ Salad
  2. 5 pieces of Sushi w/ Salad
  3. Fish w/ Salad
  4. Repeat


  • Apple


  • 3 Dates


  • Salad and Yogurt (Everyday)

I try to stick to this as much as possible, I do get one free day but there are some days that I do mess around a bit, like the other day I had a cesear salad for breakfast and I was really happy about it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 3 dates!!! i found that funny,, i feel sorry for you

    you know that an apple will make you more hungry!

  2. you’re doing a great job with the diet, one day will not do you any harm

  3. 30 min of cardio is enough but Its going to be slow from now on..ur body knows what the deal is and will be fighting back so u need to fool it, you should start lifting weighs, but not heavy just do the one exercise for each muscle don’t count the repetitions just do it tell failure then move to next muscle and so on, 5 exercises is enough.

    Take a one kids Aspirin tablet 1 hour before you exercise, a cup of black coffee and 1 Date once you start your exercise.. you can have another one half way thru if u feel tired.

    Try it for 10 days and let us know.

  4. Nael

    From my experience, some of what you include in your diet is probably filled with sugar (Frosties, Yogurt) And unless you’re working out (Muscle building exercise. Cardio is useless if done alone) you’ll see very slow results or maybe no results at all!

    Calries out > Calories In = Weight loss
    Calories out < Caliries In = Weight gain

    And calories = sugar. So those frosties and yogurt that you eat which are filled with sugar, they setting you back.

    Remember, Excercise with weight lifting/training and a “bit” of cardio, that will increase your metabolism, burn fat and replace them with muscles.

  5. caesar salad for Breaki ha ?? :P

    keep it up MZzee :)

    (not the salad for breaki part.. I mean the diet and workout stuff :P)

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