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Shift in Pattern

This diet has been working out, a little at slow pass but there has been progress and I do sleep light. The nutritionist wasn’t too impressed with the results for the past two weeks, but I managed to keep things in check. I’m making progress and even after a meal my weight was 98 kgs, 2.5 kgs from the last time he saw me.

I think I need to exercise a little more, and get some real cardio into this routine. At least 30 to 40 minutes a day and that will help.

The Diet this Week:


  1. Frosties W/ Milk
  2. Toast W/ Milk
  3. Fruit W/ Milk
  4. Fruit W/ Milk
  5. Repeat from Beginning


  1. Grilled Meat w/ Salad
  2. 5 pieces of Sushi w/ Salad
  3. Fish w/ Salad
  4. Repeat


  • Apple


  • 3 Dates


  • Salad and Yogurt (Everyday)

I try to stick to this as much as possible, I do get one free day but there are some days that I do mess around a bit, like the other day I had a cesear salad for breakfast and I was really happy about it.