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Review: D.Gray Man

Plot Summary:
Allen Walker is a young Exorcist who has a cursed eye that can see the suffering of the Akumas created by The Millenium Earl. He travels to England to the Headquarters of the Exorcists where his Master has sent him to meet with the other Exorcists. The battle with the Millenium Earl and the Noah Family vs. the Exorcists intensifies when some of the best Exorcists begin to get killed by hoards of Akuma. Japan takes center stage in this end of 19th Century plot in order to not let the entire human race be turned into Akumas and the Exorcists have the power of “Innocence” that was given to them by God on their side.

Allen Walker, a young man with a cursed eye, lives to destroy a weapon known as Akuma. These weapons created by the Milleneum Earl are sent out by his command to purge the world from humans. Allen Walker uses an anti-akuma weapon, Innocence, to counter the Earl’s attempts at destroying humanity. He travels to the Black Order by his mentor’s directions. There he meets with others who also fight against the Milleneum Earl’s plans. But more questions start to appear as Allen and his friends move further along to reach their goal. And these questions that seem to connect to Allen’s past.

An action packed anime from the start, Allen is thrown in a storm of Akuma (Demons) to fight. He has a powerful Innocence (a weapon fused with a human) to fight these demons, but it might not be enough for the role that he has. It is a long and interesting series with deeper thoughts behind it. With a long series such as this there were a few filler episodes, but still it was an excellent story line which kept things very interesting. The best part is when their fused weapons (Innocence) start developing into something stronger. Allen has a lot of friends, and all of them with different types of weapons and personalities that keep this deep story very light hearted, which is an excellent combination. An anime really worth watching and it has this thing about it, you can’t give up hope and they keep fighting on.

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