GulfRun – Getting Closer

Now things are getting interesting, about two weeks left for GulfRun and the events will be starting. My car has been in the shop for the past week, and it needs another ten days before I get it back. They replaced the clutch and flywheel so the car was working perfectly. Then came the long list of items which are to be installed on the vehicle to “upgrade” the performance slightly. My plan was to destroy my previous adversaries on the track with the time attack, but I just saw the list of vehicles that will be coming to GulfRun and my hopes were slightly damaged. There are some very track intensive vehicles and I no longer have the power advantage as before.

Just take a look at the list of vehicles that will be participating in GulfRun 4 and some of them are very modified.

Link: GulfRun

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think the Minis’ will do well, i agree with K and a 400HP moded GTI or R32 would much better on the track than all on the list – well maybe not the GT3RS-

  2. it’ll be lots of fun,, i’d like to join!

  3. IS-F Man (ALD)

    I predict the black Lotus Exige S 240 is going to do Damage then the silver Noble as usual, GT3’s and possibly the S2000 :D

  4. DucatiThrust

    I hope they fix your car before the event.
    I’m more excited about it than the people that are going :)
    I agree with K.TheKuwaiti that the driver is more important than the car.
    I think F430 Scuderias, GT3RSs, and GTRs should do the best. I think the least powerful cars don’t have enough power for the straights.
    Be proud! The M is a monster and handles very well on track.
    Good luck and enjoy :)

  5. what K said is soo true, keep your hopes up there is still a chance :)

  6. Corolla Man (AE86)

    The Honda’s with the VTEC screaming up to 9RPM, but do not forget the Z350 drifting inside and outside the track and outside, and the ROARING Ford GT will be heard form the SEEF area when in the track, the evo’s with boosting to 23 PSI WOW, so many Porsches it is a candy store, must hit the M button for the BEEMERS, and the Go Cart experience of the Lotus, IS-F “Arnooob” on must be tested for drug because it is on steroids, the Black Knight the R8 with the UFC powered driver, oooooo not the Nobles again(defending their title), the viper with the poison will be rattling in the track need the desert, do not under estimate the MINI’s, and the Red Raging Bull the Murcielago in the straight line power, the Ferrari’s with their F1 experience , and finally the all awaited the GTR Skyline.


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