Windows 7 – Shipping Mid-09

After all the developments behind Windows 7 they have anounced the shipping date which is good news. I’m planning on building a system but not sure how it will work for Windows 7 or if I should wait. The best thing they said is that if it works for Vista, then it will work for Windows 7. Its meant to load quiet a bit faster with a lot better features, and more stable from off the bat. This is what Windows Vista should have been, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. 


Link: Gizmodo

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  1. i think vista was a total failure for Microsoft,, let’s hope that this will bring back the Windows to it’s fame

  2. maryam

    I felt like this when I heard of Vista and then the nightmare began!! But I believe it would be a good alternative to vista. We’re at work still on xp

  3. Can they keep that promise? They’ve been promising people for years about vista !! which took 6 to 7 years to come out !! ( Remember “Long Horn” ) and when it came out it was a total failure .

    Lets hope that windows 7 won’t be another (Mac OSX) Copy Cat :-)

  4. whats wrong with you people? is “bashing windows” and “praising mac” all what you’ve got?

    seriously… they’re working hard on this one “since they confessed that vista is a failure project”… they gave up on bundled softwares and focusing on the kernel and core… they’re supporting SSD with amazing speed… they’re cutting a huge amount of startup services to boost the boot’n’shutdown time… all these are valid features and been confirmed and its just in a pre-beta stage…

    i know there’s a possibility that this would suck, but from what’s shown, i doubt it’ll be another vista…

    i know that you’d consider this a spam, but you’ll understand how good windows7 will become if you checked the links below

  5. Same shit… different name.
    U should give Mac OS X a try

  6. I say wait until Intel plays all its cards with the i7 CPUs.

    UNIX-based OSes FTW! :P

  7. Q8GEEK : What were they doing then all those years since the beginning of their ripped OS (Windows) ?

    Microsoft just can’t get it right (even if they are on top of the installed base), windows will never mature, and Microsoft will never learn.

    Make way for new OS Lords.. OSX, Linux are about to concur.

  8. Lexicon

    q8geek: you sir need help and lots of it

  9. I really have to praise your insight and comments. Mac OS will never take over windows, for the simple fact that you cant run enterprise applications on this platform from well visualisation to autocad, secondly the open source movement aka Linux has already lost momentum given its name open source. Who in the world wants to share it core data and apps on open source. Now I know you will start bashing MS on security and identity theft, however keep in mind if MS did not innovate with windows you would not have had $300 laptops today, as MS was THE catalyst of driving PC adoption to masses, hated or love it with 55,000 employees on board and an R&D Budget for 2009 of $6.2 Billion, I still think that MS is the horse to beat.

  10. tartooob

    Most people didn’t even try Windows vista and they say it sucks, please me and other people tried Windows Vista SP1 and its working perfectly, Vista sucked at the begging because companies didn’t upgrade their drivers fast enough and everyone started complaining,

    Vista is an excellent system but it got a bad rep for mac boys, FYI Windows 7 will work with any pc that can handle windows vista and windows 7 needs less ram than windows vista and any program or driver that works on windows vista will work in windows 7,

    please check lifehacker and gizmodo, people who tried the beta were amazed, even some said its better than mac.

    Just remember that mac is made for a specific hardware, windows runs on any hardware, I bet you if we install mac on several different hardware we will get more problems than windows and btw mac is so so complicated and dumb, even Google chrome not supported on mac, lol no thx i will stick with windows.

  11. alright listen up mac fanboys…

    why would industry still develop softwares and hardwares for windows and linux leaving just a little bit for mac if windows sucks?

    why would developments and standards revolves around linux and windows while mac don’t have ANY share of such thing if windows sucks?

    why would game industry revolve around windows and abit of linux (since linux guys could figure out something to work their games under linux) while they JUST moved FEW games to mac if windows sucks?

    why’s there big certifications that you spend years studying to receive which ofcourse revolves around windows and linux while mac got barely a certification or two if windows sucks?

    why the windows and linux servers ARE ALMOST THE ONLY SERVERS AVAILABLE IN THIS PLANET leaving the %00.29837429734 percentage of servers for everything else (including mac) if windows sucks?

    why would researchers and military use linux and windows leaving mac aside if windows sucks?

    why would hackers and attackers write malwares for windows and linux leaving mac alone if windows sucks? oh i’ll answer that, BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT MAC OSX

    why would most people install windows and linux on mac if windows sucks?

    why does mac cost gazillions bazillions of cash for nothing while the same OSX with BETTER SPECS actually sell for less?
    (maybe it just looks better)

    damn it the list is endless… i could go on forever…

    what can mac osx do that windows cant if not out-perform? graphics? ok you win in that, but even windows wins in security challenges (and i mean vista… the one that everyone think it sucks)… all you have to do is check this link below and see that vista survived for 10 hours while mac got pwned in 2 minutes flat…

    and the biggest embarrassment:

    dont get me wrong… i actually respect and appreciate mac osx, know how good potentially it is and how easy it is (that the user wouldn’t even need to waste a minute to think how things are done since its taken care of by the os)… but its in no way superior to windows neither linux (except for graphics… it kicks butts)…

    but almost the same amount of respect and appreciation goes for risoc, beos, symbian, palmos and every single os that exists because, writing an operating system alone is a hard task…

    I respect windows for being the majority all these years and will be the majority while holding almost all the manufacturers dealing with computer industry under its umbrella and opening up abit more for hobbyist developers to create wonderful things… or maybe linux will take over…

    personally i prefer linux over windows… why? because its meant for developers and those who loves to mess around with stuff…

    it gets down to this: linux is made for those who think and mess around, windows is made for those who think abit but too lazy to mess around and mac is made so you don’t have to use your mind for small stuff…

    bottom line is, everyone could use their favorite OS… but you can’t tell which OS is superior without actually studying the fundamentals and structures that makes an os… which i forcefully had to study *throws up*

  12. I watched the PDC2008 videos and Windows 7 looks great so far. They have recognized where they went wrong and planned this one well.

    You can get the pre-beta and play with it.

  13. hohoo

    omg wtf with those mac kids spreading into koweit blogs, i blame that fag called Mark :)

  14. Macs really suck people are only attracted to them because they look pretty

  15. Yes Mac really doesn’t crash, i doesn’t freeze, u don’t get viruses, it doesn’t need formating every now and then, it doesn’t have Internet Explorer, and it doesn’t have the stupid logic of a PC………

    What’s the fun in having a computer if u don’t have all the above

  16. tartooob

    @ Adrenaline: Windows 7 will be the same and please talk to me when apple market-share goes more than 10% lol

  17. Comment by Adrenaline on November 8, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

    Same shit… different name.
    U should give Mac OS X a try

    Comment by Adrenaline on November 9, 2008 @ 9:57 am

    Yes Mac really doesn’t crash, i doesn’t freeze, u don’t get viruses, it doesn’t need formating every now and then, it doesn’t have Internet Explorer, and it doesn’t have the stupid logic of a PC………

    What’s the fun in having a computer if u don’t have all the above

    here’s my reply:
    i cant be sure if you’re a hypocrite or just saying this outta sarcasm… but here… i’ll write the 2 links i wrote before which show that mac osx is vulnerable and it crashed LIVE!
    oh… and dear blasha had the Gray Screen of Death:

    nuff said? or want me to give more?

  18. Lexicon

    q8geek your absolutely right, who needs a laptop which does not crash, freeze or get viruses! hahahahaah you make more sense everytime you type, please carry on amuse us

  19. G-Funk:
    are you that desperate by comparing leopard with a microsoft failure project?

    for the third time in this blog, microsoft confessed that vista is a failure project… pick on something thats didn’t fail yet… ummmm… like xp? (leaving the graphics and eye candies aside)… or maybe Ubuntu (its even prettier than OSX if you installed compiz)…

    oh here… you might like this

  20. Q8GEEK: I just feel sorry for you… Living an an imaginary “Microsoft” world :-)

  21. Q8GEEK: I just feel sorry for you… Living in an imaginary “Microsoft” world :-)

  22. DVLz

    Lexicon: Can you buy any laptop or desktop of any brand with Mac OS installed?

    Adrenaline: The fun of having Windows is you can make it work on any laptop or desktop, also the fun of using Windows is that it has trillions of applications available, the fun of having Windows is many products do not support Mac.

    Now lets read some of their FAQs

    Can a Mac run Windows and Microsoft Office?

    Yes. Microsoft Office is available for the Mac, and Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files created on a Mac are fully compatible with Windows. <— LOL I wonder why they need em?

    Is a Mac reliable?

    When you buy a PC, you’re buying hardware from one company and an operating system and software from other companies. Not so with a Mac. Because Apple builds both the computer and the software that comes with it, they’re literally made for each other.

  23. tartooob

    @ G-funk: I bet you use windows at work/cafes/friends house/family house/traveling to other countries and most mac users who I saw installed windows on their macbook pro, tell me why a mac user would install a windows on his MACBOOK ?

  24. Adrenaline:
    So you were just being sarcastic.. goood gooooood :P

    I don’t live in imaginary “Microsoft” world… I use Ubuntu, Windows XP and making space to use OpenSolaris…

    You could stay in your mac that “by time” will be so old and stone-aged compared to other rival windows’n’linux based computers (Even Psystar is better and costs less than mac )

  25. Q80Warlock

    One thing to know about MS. When it’s beta it looks marvelous and wondrous, just as they get to a RC build and they start to take out some stuff out in favor of a future SP or release or worst like Vista create a multiple edition…common MS just make one ultimate and one home.

    As for the Mac, they are very good at visuals and creating interesting stuff with 1~3 years OLDER technology. More they like to be creative and give something weird like hey a smaller VGA port…okay now you need to buy that cable from Apple !

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