Revenge for a Week

Another week has gone by and I have done pretty well for myself. I stuck out the whole diet except for one day. I might have a salad and a few shrimps, or taboulah with hummus to change all the damn salads I had for dinner all week look.

Saturday I felt like having Chinese again from Wok Master, and I ordered a nice combination of items and a few of my friends showed up. The best show to watch is honestly The Big Bang Theory, its just so damn funny. I proceed to place items on my plate, and I just kept eating. I was making up for the whole week of not eating much. After finishing I was so full I literally could not move, I was in a state of near explosion for a long period. We watched a movie and the pressure was slowly coming down. Overall I have been happy with the progress in one week with diet and exercise I managed to drop a solid 3 KGs, and in one sitting I think I ate it all back. I’m going to be hitting the gym a little harder this week.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hi Marzooq what is the number and name of your dietician?

  2. Well Done! Keep it up :)

    I love the Big Bang theory as well. Sheldon Rocks!

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