Review: Step Brothers

I’m usually a bit skeptical about Will Ferrel movies but I felt like a comedy which required very little thinking. It started off being pretty funny as usual, you get into the film knowing that there are two 40 year old boys who still act like 10 year olds. I kept laughing at how insanely stupid this movie is, I didn’t think Will Ferrel could go any lower. I was full and my stomach hurt from laughing at my friends’ reactions. I never thought watching a movie can make you dumber, but that is the only thing I felt after watching this movie. I really couldn’t believe they made something like this, it takes a special person to love a movie like this. It was funny in a very very dumb way and at times you just can’t believe it.

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  1. I placed an order and we’re watching it on Movie night! :D

  2. tartooob

    Really stupid boring movie but it had some funny flicks after all

  3. Why the low rating then if it made you laugh that hard?

    Man you made me really want to watch this movie!

  4. Hashem

    i give it a 5/5 hehehehe !

  5. plastic

    I know it sucked major ass can few laughs here and there but it got tedious at the end , honestly i expected more from John C Reilly .

  6. plastic

    ha ha i wrote can as in kaan

  7. i hate will

    and i cant laugh at dumb

    sometimes i want to

    but just cant

  8. I like Will Ferrell as a comedian not as an actor

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