Gears Of War 2 – FTW

I think I am the happiest man when I got my hands on Gears of War 2, even the cover looks cool. I’m downloading the content right away and I’m probably going to be playing this game into the night. I want to finish the single player and co-op missions, then playing the multi-player after getting really good at the single player. And I fixed my XBox Elite, picked up yesterday from Rihab. They fixed it for 30 KD, they changed the lens which was scratching the hell out of every disc they put it in, and they changed out the CD Rom mount so now its good as new, they can always fix anything at Rihab just give them time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mustafa

    when my friend told me it came out in rihab i was like FUCK YEAH LETS GO then he told me his brother go it for 32kd and i was lets wait a few more days how much did u get it for? and did you get the limited edition?

  2. so, is the Xbox360 any good for other stuff too?
    I was contemplating getting a PS3 to practice WinningEleven 2009 (PES2009)… but not sure.

    Is Gears of War series any good? Any fees invovled for on-line play?

  3. damn it, i have to get back to playing video games!!

  4. mustafa: I got it for $60 from the states my friend brought it with him on the way back from a trip. The regular one with a few extras!

    nasserbq: Its amazing and there is a yearly fee for XBox Live! The best part of it is XBox Live and You don’t know what you are missing with Gears of War 2/1!

    kwt23: you should!

  5. Hmm.. I’m still hesitant. The only plus for PS3 is the WinningEleven. But I understand that it is also available on X-Box. If it has the same controls (for practice) as the PS3 (more or less), then I guess an xbox would give me the best of the two worlds? Except I guess I won’t be able to play WinningEleven online with friends on the PS3 on-line obviously?

    The paid subscription for Xbox online play is a bummer! Does the PS3 require paid subscription as well?
    How much would XboxLive Gold set me back money wise?

  6. I cracked… went to Rihab last night… almost almost almost got Xbox 360 and Gears of Ware 2… but then somehow I ended up getting PS3! loool.. Got PES2009 with it of course and Metal Gear 4 thing… I guess Metal Gear does not compare with GOW2? Is there a comparable game to GOW2’s gore and blood on the PS3 platform that you know of?


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