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Going to Napkit these days has become a habit, and the outdoor seating has been perfect timing since its nice weather. We usually have been going to Marina when the weather is nice, but we have come to enjoy Napkit. And I have to say they really do have good music playing in the early morning.  I do get hungry seeing all the different types of sandwichs that they have available. I tend to eat a cesear salad, thinking its healthy enough and its a satisfying meal to degree, but I can still eat some more but I don’t.

Then there is one of our friends who comes in with a very angry face, and it gets better after he has two double espressos for his morning drink. To say that he is addict to it is an understatement. I think my favorite sandwich is called the Crowd Pleaser, and I do like the croissant with turkey and cheese. Its a restaurant with a different selection of items, and again good music.