Gears Of War 2 XBox 360

This is probably the coolest XBox 360 I have seen yet, and just Microsoft made a Halo 3 Special Edition there is a Gears of War 2 Special Edition. GOW2 is one hell of game, and it just keeps getting better and better, I want to finish the game before jumping into multiplayer. Basically playing until I go blind but very few will be able to play on this machine as it is unavailable for sale and only promotional purposes which I think is a real shame!

Link: Kotaku

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  1. NoOne

    The Halo3 Special Edition looks like an ugly swamp or s’hal. Aint as pretty as this.

  2. You need to give your eyes and hands a vacation after you finish playing this game! lol

  3. Just looking at it makes me dizzy let alone playing with it ;-)

  4. not a fan of X360, but this is one hell of a mod!!

  5. Name

    I have the halo 3 has a new cool chip. That makes the xbox cooler as they say and has less fan sound. just ordered my gears of war 2 from amazon and the COD5. Sounds really cool cant wait to play it.

  6. I don't wanna a name

    Gow2 is great on multiplayer.


    esta poca madre el xbox asi lo venden
    o lo hicieron ojala me puedan responder

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