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A Ticket

Now this an interesting story that took place around 6:05 pm on the way to Bnaider, just before Julai’a. I was heading to a friend’s shalaih going to go pick up a cart for GulfRun. I was pretty much cruising between 120 and 140 kph, people were driving normally and there were cars flying past me.

As I got to the bridge I see a police car and think nothing of it, a Mercedes just flew past me a lot faster then me.  I had my legs somewhat crossed since I had cruise control on 140 kph at that point and my right foot on the floor hovering next to the break if need be, the road was empty and I wasn’t in much of hurry so I was taking it easy listening to the music. Then the cop car pulls up right behind me and tells me to pull over. So I do, I step out of the car and ask the guy whats wrong he said I was speeding at 150+, I told him I had it cruise control at 140 kph and a Mercedes sedan passed me going at least 180+ why didn’t he stop him. He proceeded to ignore at this point after asking for my drivers license and registration. I gave him both and all he asked for was the time. He asked if I was “Mukhalif aw Ghair Mukhalif”, meaning guilty or not guilty, I said not.  He gave me the ticket and I proceeded to take my car registration and license, he said what are you doing, I said you gave me the ticket what else do you want. He then took my license with him and told me to go to Igrain Number 3, and I can drive for one week with the ticket. I said fine and left the guy, I was pretty pissed off that he took my license and lied about my speed, he said he caught me on a speeding camera even though he was moving which makes it impossible. I called a few people to see what I do this and hoping to have this resolved quickly.