A Ticket

Now this an interesting story that took place around 6:05 pm on the way to Bnaider, just before Julai’a. I was heading to a friend’s shalaih going to go pick up a cart for GulfRun. I was pretty much cruising between 120 and 140 kph, people were driving normally and there were cars flying past me.

As I got to the bridge I see a police car and think nothing of it, a Mercedes just flew past me a lot faster then me.  I had my legs somewhat crossed since I had cruise control on 140 kph at that point and my right foot on the floor hovering next to the break if need be, the road was empty and I wasn’t in much of hurry so I was taking it easy listening to the music. Then the cop car pulls up right behind me and tells me to pull over. So I do, I step out of the car and ask the guy whats wrong he said I was speeding at 150+, I told him I had it cruise control at 140 kph and a Mercedes sedan passed me going at least 180+ why didn’t he stop him. He proceeded to ignore at this point after asking for my drivers license and registration. I gave him both and all he asked for was the time. He asked if I was “Mukhalif aw Ghair Mukhalif”, meaning guilty or not guilty, I said not.  He gave me the ticket and I proceeded to take my car registration and license, he said what are you doing, I said you gave me the ticket what else do you want. He then took my license with him and told me to go to Igrain Number 3, and I can drive for one week with the ticket. I said fine and left the guy, I was pretty pissed off that he took my license and lied about my speed, he said he caught me on a speeding camera even though he was moving which makes it impossible. I called a few people to see what I do this and hoping to have this resolved quickly.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hamitaf La b

    Maybe he couldn’t catch the mercedes so he decided to go after you…. !!

  2. Marzooq, it seems you are new at this.

    Rule 1: Never ever relinquish your license, unless it s a groos infraction.
    Rule 2: you should ask for proof of his claim.
    Rule 3: Get the name of the officer, in case you do give him you license.
    Rule 4: You never tell a cop that you were cruising at 140 when the speed limit is 120.

    I hope you get you license soon, it will need some wasta pulling.

  3. R0/\/i/\/

    That’s BAD!!!

    When ever an officer takes your driving license or car registration with him you must note his car number & his name. Btw you can always get his name on ticket.
    Sometimes they forget to turn in what the confiscated, Its not hard but it takes a lot of time to get to the right office and right guy in good mood.

    Or else get a Wasta and everything will be just fine.

  4. You shouldn’t have admitted you were breaking the law by driving 140. You should have told him you had cruise control on 120.

  5. They are ass holes! I have had several bad experiences with them…

  6. yesterday I was at x-mall. I couldn’t find a parking spot and valet parking was full. The cop came up to me and he was like why have you stopped here? I told him I’m looking for a parking space! He said: valet parking is full. Duh, I know. Then he looked inside my car, I guess he felt sympathetic when he saw my son, he was like: go park in front of my car but don’t take too long. It was sweet of him. My experience with cops is always a great one

    intaw misakeen, cops are so mean to you. it’s so good to be a girl here

  7. Zahed

    bakooka next time take Badoor with you and am sure he can cut him a deal.

  8. I didn’t know you were supposed to stop when the cops pull up behind you. I figured the flashing lights meant go faster.

  9. Yeah right, if he went any faster… we wouldn’t have seen this post, and quite a few in the near future.


  10. I don’t mind a ticket. I just HATE the paperwork that it involves later on :/

  11. I really hope it gets resolved as soon as possible!

  12. tartooob

    In UAE there are moving cars and police cars with speed cameras installed, if you pass them speeding it will flash and catch you so its not impossible for a moving car to install speed camera. Some cops use their power in a wrong way and some cops also wont catch the luxury cars with good numbers

  13. Name

    i had the same problem with that. In the road to the shaliah. He says go to alqurain to get ur license but it wont be out by that day they are going to keep it for a month. Get your vitamin W working because without that you wont have a license.

  14. momo

    that EXACT thing happened to me!
    I even told him you can’t know my speed while you’re moving with your radar, he said YES!
    crazy policemen

  15. hohoo

    omg you tell him i fixed on 140 lol….

  16. Thats just crazy i tell you, what would have Jack done :p

  17. Classic traffic incident in Kuwait. It has become ridiculous.

  18. Z

    Zouk, check ur ticket. If the guy’s name is _ _ _ _ al-arbash (a completely bald dude) then let me know cuz he did this to me and four other friends individually.. same exact scenario. I called a few friends in the force they took care of it cuz he’s an a-hole and btw, I GUARANTEE he did not get you on radar, he’s lying.

  19. s3ood

    i thought cops are not allowed to chase bikes, only maba7th ?

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