How to Escape from Jail in Germany!

A drug dealer sentenced for a seven year term turned out to be a little smarter then the Germans thought!

Step 1) Make a card board box for shipping
Step 2) Mail the box to yourself
Step 3) Get in and seal the box
Step 4) Wait for timely courier pick up
Step 5) Freedom, (Repeat When Needed)


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I guess he’s not claustrophobic! haha

  2. Bo

    The driver alerted the police after he noticed the “tarpaulin flapping in the breeze.”

    Lol! way to go

  3. thankgod it was a drug dealer..ya3ni shwaya ahwan than if it was some mass serial killer..THAT wouldnt be so funny! lool

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