SEMA 2008 Booth Professionals

Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association or SEMA is one of the best aftermarket car shows that showcases the best of the best parts and modifications on the newest cars which may not even be released to the public yet. Another aspect of SEMA are the booth babes and the women are as abundant as the cars in the expo! A lot more pics at the link.

Link: Jalopnik

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you need her at that blood drive thing ….. get her to come ….. now …..

  2. Dear God!

    Yabeelhom majlis il oma :P

  3. I can SEMA has a lot to offer, is this beauty considered a car accessory?

  4. JoeKing


    She has legs(?)..Oh

  5. roger

    i will take the top half, holy moly

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