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Last week was an interesting diet of fish and sushi every other day, all bran for breakfast, and half a sandwich for dinner. It wasn’t a bad diet, I was honestly happy about this diet, I could try a few different things and I was really enjoying the sushi. After one week of this and working out only two days the past week I only lost 1 kg, and so the Doc said that carbohydrates have a dramatic affect on me so this week he gave me a severe diet which feels horrible compared to last week, and I am finding this be very funny.

  • Breakfast: 2 Fruits
  • Afternoon: 3 dates
  • Lunch: Salad & Grilled Chicken every other day
  • Dinner: Salad only

At this stage I have dropped a solid 8 Kgs which is great, but I think is pretty good and I have 17 Kgs to go. But another 10 Kgs and I think I will be doing pretty good. I have been working out the past couple of weeks but I think a little too much weights, but I tend to enjoy weight traing a lot more then cardio, I can feel the pain the next day, the good type of pain around the muscles.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hamitaf La b

    Wow… new diet 3ebara 3an starvation!!!!
    I don’t like diets like this… allah e3eenick!!!!

  2. mohammed

    Marzouq i was wondering whether you can please provide us with your doctor details as i think i would be contacting him as well.

  3. i lost 10 kg in one month,, it was complete starvation, no carbs, no sweets, vegetables and grilled meat,, i was drinking a ton of water daily… i have gained since then 7 kg which i’m palnning to loose some of it ;)

  4. daddyz Girl

    marzouq good job keep it up … just make sure u avoid fluids (water)2 hrs before bedtime !!

  5. dave

    Hey Hamitaf La b what happened to ur blog??

  6. Good luck with your target man and looks like you’re gonna get there. I need to take some inspiration!

  7. man i don’t think i can stay alive with such a diet…good luck, oh and i would avoid weight lifting if your protein intake is that low.

  8. s3ood

    sugar and protein every other day ? sounds like a crash diet.

  9. s3ood

    ^^^ i meant sugar all day

  10. Thats really great to hear, its always nice when you accomplish something, those last kilos will be gone in no time :)

  11. d

    Really. You seriously call that a diet. The sad part is people are applauding. This is called a ‘quick fix’. Yes, it’s good you lost the weight, but hey I guarantee once you get off this diet (which inevitably you will given it does not provide you enough kcal to sustain normal activity in the long run) you will gain all the kg you lost in addition to more.

    What you need is a diet you can follow as a lifestyle. My opinion would be continue with the salads and protein for lunch and dinner but add complex carbs, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc. Have the sweets just in moderation (i.e. small peice of dark chocolate with some decaf coffee).

    And most importantly, continue with the exercise. Research has shown that diet alone does not contribute to sustained weight loss. Diet and exercise is the gold standard to maintain the wight you shed off.

    Apologize about the long comment.. Had to correct the misconceptions.

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