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About 1 KG

Last week was an interesting diet of fish and sushi every other day, all bran for breakfast, and half a sandwich for dinner. It wasn’t a bad diet, I was honestly happy about this diet, I could try a few different things and I was really enjoying the sushi. After one week of this and working out only two days the past week I only lost 1 kg, and so the Doc said that carbohydrates have a dramatic affect on me so this week he gave me a severe diet which feels horrible compared to last week, and I am finding this be very funny.

  • Breakfast: 2 Fruits
  • Afternoon: 3 dates
  • Lunch: Salad & Grilled Chicken every other day
  • Dinner: Salad only

At this stage I have dropped a solid 8 Kgs which is great, but I think is pretty good and I have 17 Kgs to go. But another 10 Kgs and I think I will be doing pretty good. I have been working out the past couple of weeks but I think a little too much weights, but I tend to enjoy weight traing a lot more then cardio, I can feel the pain the next day, the good type of pain around the muscles.