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GulfRun – Three Weeks and Counting

I literally only have a few days left until the wheel starts for GulfRun and my car has been in the shop for three weeks and counting now. At first it went in for some repair and they replaced the parts, then I brought some parts to be installed and my ECU had to be sent out to the states, and I got it barely on Thursday and the garage only operates as a half day on Thursday. There are two things left and I have to get it done literally in 24 hours or I will be missing the carwash event which is a bummer! But still going to push for it and hopefully it will get done.

Items Left:

  • Road Test with all new items installed and newly programmed ECU from the states.
  • Weld work for the exhaust pipe to install the new pipe which eliminates the resonator.
  • New body parts which will make the care lighter (ultimately cooler).

This honestly has been a hell of a lot of fun, I want to hear how the engine sounds like and how its going to move but I’m really cutting it close at this point and I have ordered the parts over months ago. I have learned a lot from this experience and now that I know I won’t repeat those mistakes. I especially want to try out the new big brake kit, they are huge so I’m hoping to able to stop on a dime at this point.

Link: GulfRun