Ducati 1198/1198S

It seems the 1198/1198S are getting rave reviews, I think Ducati has another gem on their hand with this one. The new 1198S comes with the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) which is featured on the more expensive 1098R. There is increase of torque on this engine, I can’t imagine how more torque would feel since I do love my 1098S, and the claimed 170 bhp is just amazing.

Link: MCN

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  1. On topic – Beautiful! I love. I want. I covet. Even the word Ducati sounds so beautiful. Once again, I find myself wishing I was a boy *sigh*

    Off topic (sorta) – Remember the Ride-to-Sav3? Didja’ go to Applebees for an early dinner? Like around 8 or 9? I think it was on Nov 15 or maybe a day before or a day after. I’m not good at keeping track of the date but I’m sure of the time. ‘Cuz I remember seeing ALOT of bikes parked outside.

  2. JoJo

    Who said bikes are for ” boys ” only ? I have seen many ladies on bikes specially Ducati.TriStar Motorcycles offer training courses .I was in the Ride-to-Sav3 & you are right,all participants were invited by TriStar Motorcycles for Dinner at Applebees after they have donated blood. BTW SAV3 means a bag of donated blood can save 3 people !

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