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I have been eating almost nothing the past couple of days running around taking care of all the GulfRun. The one thing I have been trying to figure out is where to eat good salads. Sometimes you just want to order a good salad to enjoy it even though some of them might not be the healthiest but its still lighter then a normal meal. After trying a few places this is the list of places that I have come up with that have good salads.

  • Tobika (Mozeralla Salads)
  • Casper & Gambini (Greek Salad)
  • Pizza Express (All Salads)
  • Maki (Miso Soup & All Salads)
  • Wasabi (All Salads)

These are the places that I have tried and I love the salads from Wasabi and Maki, they are light and very tasty. Pizza Express has a very nice selection of salads, and Tobika has a unique selection with their cheeses which tastes every good. Casper & Gambini have decent salads but are over priced.