New GMail Theme

I have been tinkering around with the themes, there are a few that change colors with the time of day and season, and there are some normal color themes, and there are other ones. I tried most of them and I like the graffiti look because it fits the whole them of the computer. I do like when Google makes these small changes to an excellent product and keep improving it, every time I use Gmail I really dislike using Hotmail.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I would like to go 100% Gmail but the problem is that most of those you’d meet in Kuwait use Hotmail, so you end up using Hotmail to keep in touch with them over the Messenger. Can you talk to people with Hotmail on the Messenger using Gtalk or something? That would be great.

  2. I’m in love with the new themes!
    I’m using the beach theme!

  3. “Shiny” theme for me.. and you can’t even compare to hotmail! aslan 3aib you use those two words in the same sentence!

    The M Code: yes, you can use your gmail address on msn messenger or any other email for that matter..

  4. FaDy

    wt firefox theme r u using??

  5. I’m so glad I dumped three things: Hotmail (I’m on Gmail now), Blogger (on WordPress) and PCs (on Mac).

    In each case, you have to be brave to switch…but it’s worth it!! Love Gmail!!

    Sasa, the Syria News Wire.

  6. j0e

    Just use eBuddy

  7. Loved the new themes and how it changes during the day!

  8. shaima

    you can’t stop use any of them .. i got both of them each 1 of them got it own features that differentiate it from the others .. yes i like the idea of the themes, also i like the new hotmail, and my first email is hotmail that everybody know it :s

  9. i was running the “planet” theme,, but when i changed it,, it’s gone,, can’t go back to it!! :(

  10. tartooob

    I quitted using hotmail for many years too and I will never go back to hotmail, slow+easy to hack+too many problems+not reliable

    @ The M Code: I am running msn messenger with all my friends on the list using my gmail address, you can use any email with msn messenger, just first register on

  11. theme “planets” is back
    thank God (^_^) “

  12. Firefox has tabs for a reason…

  13. bagheera

    i just wanted to say hello! :) hope you are doing great

  14. Hotmail has themes now, btw.

    Also, what’s the point of opening 40 windows, when Firefox has tabs… that’s the purpose of tabs

  15. Ire

    Why planet’s theme disappear?? I want it! =O

  16. I have slowly started shifting everything to Gmail. Their spam protection is the best out there, and who can say no to 7GB of storage space?

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