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Finally Back from GulfRun

GulfRun was nothing short of fantastic this year, it got bigger and better from last year. There was lots of support from all the sponsors such as Al Fahad Travel, Agility, Magic, Huberoptic, EggHead Electronics, and Slider Station. Then there was the track support from Pirelli, Porsche and Ferrari which was fantastic, it felt like we had an F1 support team for all technical issues even when are just driving and racing for pleasure. There is a lot to post about and I was happy there was a huge turnout of people coming to check out GulfRun 4 from Kuwait and Bahrain. At one point I was a taxi taking people out on the track and pretty much letting loose, and I was very happy that my car made a huge improvement over last year but I will be posting up pictures very soon.

Link: Flickr