Intense Police in Kuwait

Recently I have been insanely busy with GulfRun pretty much for the past three weeks. Modifying my car, the car show, and everything leading up to the main event at the Bahrain International Circuit. I had my Landcruiser covered with GulfRun stickers, and my Beemer was covered with stickers for all GulfRun stickers, this attracted all kinds of attention and some of it unwanted such as the police. I haven’t had a speeding ticket or any other ticket except for parking in the past two years, but in the past three weeks I have had my license taken taken twice, and my car registration taken twice as well. They are on a vengeful track these days stopping cars left, right, and center. The police officer took my car registration because of stickers, the sound of the exhaust, and front plate. Its ridiculous, I got it back the next day but why the hell so much trouble for people, can’t they just give tickets and let people just pay the fines without inconveniencing them for stupid things. It drives me nuts that they waste their time on random stupid things like these when they could really be helping people, I remember the last time I called 777 it took them over 45 minutes to find us.

After speaking to a few people who work in the Ministry of Interior and they were telling me they have orders since the beginning of November to go on this rampage, so people should be vigilant and I for one could do without all this trouble.

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  1. dude its winter ……. the police department i6al3oon ifloos’hoom bil winter cause summer time ma7ad la kholig i9afi6 a7ad …… so you get away with anything but winter oo day time yaaah i9af6oonik for no reason … oo the shitty part is bs igoolig ISTIKAR OR EXHAUST oo il moshilka ma koo qanoon bs min kaifhoom

  2. I have got 4 tickets in the last 1 month! they are ready to give you tickets on anything and everything…

  3. meh …… they have nothing better to do …. it’s not like crime is rampant these days …..

  4. Q8e

    Stealing picuters without referencing is not a nice thing to do.

  5. anoon

    but in the past three weeks I have had my license taken taken twice in the past three weeks,

  6. there’s a law that forbids putting any sticker on a car, i had a stickes for a website once and a cop stopped me, he didn’t give me a ticket but just said: you know it’s illegal right? but i’ll let you go, just wait till i write down that web address!

  7. they can expect to meet quota in 2 months and thats what it seems like

  8. SE7EN: Its getting ridiculous, going to keep my car parked for a little while, waiting for things to die down a bit!

    Amu: Its ridiculous!

    KTDP: It is rampant, thats the problem!

    Q8e: I linked to you pic at the bottom, I usually link like all my posts.

    bo9agr: Its ridiculous when its just personal.. they are going overboard about it..

    Laialy: they are aiming for something, not that I know what!

  9. Razz

    i just put exhaust system on my safari

    do they really take car registration and license for exhaust sound ? :/

  10. ChiefQ8

    yeah that’s right my uncle works in the Ministry of Interior
    and he told me that they have orders..NO COMMENT ON THE PURPOSE

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