THE Treehouse

This is probably the coolest looking Tree House I have ever seen. Its being built in New Zealand as a restaurant just outside of Auckland. I think I have always liked or wanted a tree house from watching the Simpsons in the early 90s but this is just amazing in comparison. 

Link: GIzmodo


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I could fly all the way to New Zealand just to eat there! The atmosphere seems amazing, but I don’t think renowned for the food, or is it? I am really interested in this place

  2. Sham3at Al Jilas: I have no clue about the food! I just like the look of it!

    Laialy: I agree!

  3. cococo

    it looks awesome but the tree it’s sitting on and the surrounding environment looks like something out of the blair witch project, scary.

  4. it almost looks like that treehouse grew by itself out of that tree …. very very nice!!!

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