Bahrain International Circuit & GulfRun

This is the second year for me to participate in GulfRun as well as the Bahrain International Circuit. This time around there were more cars, but also more events on the track. I’m going to post another post about the track days with all the pictures, for now these are the pictures from the track photographers.

One thing is for sure Bahrainis are the nicest people and great to have fun with. They really are easy going and very helpful, I don’t know Bahrain that well but whenever I asked for directions a lot of people went out of their way to help out (since my GPS unit was stolen by the owner of the black Mitsubishi Evolution).

There are a lot of nice restaurants in an Area called Aadliya which I kept messing up the pronunciation. It also seems that cops in Bahrain are tightening the belt so we were taking it easy on the roads. The best part about the whole trip is that we were staying at the Banyan Tree which is 5 – 10 mins from the track, its funny waking up in the morning and seeing all the drivers having breakfast in the hotel restaurant. There was a nice camaraderie between all the drivers and people, and I did get to meet some really nice people, and that honestly is the best part of the whole GulfRun event.

Link: BIC

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  1. wa7sh il ba7ar

    1.i cant believe that somebody is drag racing with a mini dream car is behind the horrible viper

  2. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Wa7sh: 1)You don’t even want to know what’s under the hood of that mini :P

    2) there were actually two of those babies!

  3. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Marzouq any more pictures?

  4. Wa7sh: Don’t underestimate that little monster on steroids!

    IS-F Man: A ton more.. just working on them! Too many to work on to be honest! lol

  5. suspic

    Nice drifting by the black Z, he should have a drift competition with the ancient Z’s in chabd on a friday night. =O

  6. 1) the pictures are beautiful..

    2) Did he really steal your gps or it was a friendly joke?

  7. LOOL I Just had probably the worst idea ever, you should have females join and this thing would really be a mess since even I know women can’t drive :p

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