24 Season 7

I have been waiting for a while now for Jack Bauer to come back on screen. It has been too long and now I just saw the preview to Season 7 and its nuts. CTU has been disbanded and under investigation, Tony Almeda is the bad guy, and you can only see 17 minutes of the preview which gets you going. I don’t know what to expect from this season, all I know is from the rumors and they said this is going to be the best season yet. Its a new fresh cast with just a few familiar faces, but it does look like an interesting cast, I wonder who is the president this time around.

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  1. CTU disbanded ? Almeda bad guy ? WTF ??? whats next ? the President is Mexican ? :P
    cant wait to get the torrents for Season 7

  2. cococo

    they need to kill chloe off now, I despise her.

  3. Bader

    if havent done so already.. watch 24 Redemption.. its a 2 hour episode which comes between season 6 and season 7.. shows you all u need to know before the season starts! ;)

  4. Eddy

    Didn’t u watch the. 24 tv-movie??it shows who the new president is…

  5. The new presedent is a woman , she’s the old lady on the far right of the picture .

  6. hishamharun

    Can anyone tell me why it’s taken so long for Season 7 to debut on TV? Am I missing something here? Should it not be already available on DVD since the 24 series box set of season 6 was released almost a year ago?

  7. Markos

    24 had a script writers strike and the series was on hold for several months, hence why they made the tele-movie to break the gap and keep us hanging in there…

  8. Jc

    24 is the best show but i hate it how tony is supposedly a bad guy> :(

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