The First Day

It was a bit of an exhausting and very satisfying, we flew in early morning. Got to Mecca mid afternoon and we were planning to go to Oumra, but the Sheikhs of the Hamlah (Haj Group) recommended to go after Esha (Evening) prayer. Spoke to a few people and they went between 10 and 11pm. So I prayed and took a nap since I wasn’t able to sleep much the night before, woke up two hours later and so we headed out around 9:30 pm.

I have to say that it was a very happy experience, walking was no issue. What was amazing that we managed to get so close Kaaba during Haj. We were literally walking within a few meters during our tawaf (the path around the Kaaba). I didn’t have a chance to take pictures since I was wearing the Ehraam and reading passages of Quran and Dou’a during that time. Time went by very quickly and we honestly managed to go through all the steps and hamdilla we managed to pray behind Maqaam Ibhrahim. My last Pilgrimage was a long time ago, and to able to do all this during Haj time is nothing short of amazing and a blessing. After a while my feet was getting numb but I was still going good.

We managed to finish within two hours, we left the hotel at 9:45pm and we finished around 12:00 am then headed to Kudos for some decent junk food. After a nice shower my legs felt sort just above the knees and just waiting for fajer prayer before going to sleep. I just have that calm, serene and content feeling after finishing Umra.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. taqabal allah 6a3tik

    i wish i was there

  2. I had a dream about your blog today, it was freaky, dreaming about a blog is freaky man! Taqabbal allah 6a3tik.

  3. Bu Khaled

    love the Blog,

    oo alah esahil 3laikom inshalah,

    the real battel is yet to come with traffic.

  4. taqabal allah 6a3tik inshallah

  5. It’s really great that you managed to pray behind the maqam. I wasn’t able to do that when I was there in Hajj. We did the Tawaf on the roof which was double the distance; nevertheless, beautiful since you get to see everything under.

    I’m so happy for you Marzouq :] Allah ywafgik ya rab, yit:gabal minik o yarzigik kil ili titmanah.

  6. jewaira

    Wishing you a blessed journey.

  7. you’re there!! wish i was there too! Allah Esahel 3laikom o Yetqabal minkom inshAllah… 7ajj maqbool o thanb maghfoor o sa3ee mashkoor! :)

  8. So u r in Haj… Thats new to me. Blogging from Haj :)

  9. taqabal Allah 6a3tik
    Don’t forget us in your do3aa :)

  10. 7aj mabroor oo thanbin maghfoor inshalla

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