2009 Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin have been talking about this limited production vehicle for some time now, and I think its a gorgeous vehicle. Expected to be around 700+ bhp V12 Engine and made of carbon fiber parts, it is a machine which is going to fly. At $1.6 Million I think very few people will be able to afford it in this kind of market.

Link: SerioursWheels

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  1. Even if it’s sold out, If I get rich enough I’ll pay them all they want to make one extra for me, and one for you too Marzouq on the way, but you have to pick another color so I can look awesome and unique, and you, well, not as awesome, but still awesome.

  2. One-77 fuses advanced technology with stunning Aston Martin design to create possibly the world’s most desirable automotive art form. Based on a sophisticated carbon fibre chassis with a handcrafted aluminium body, this 7.0 litre V12 super car will deliver exhilarating performance for a strictly limited number of discerning customers.

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