Moo Mosaic Frame

Moo is a printing company which produces a lot of very cool products, and it is attached to Flickr. I have seen it for years but didn’t bother making anything of it. Until recently I just started putting a few things together and one is the MiniCards from all the pictures and to be used in the Moo Mosaic Frame. Its a really interesting frame were you take 20 MiniCards to create a beautiful mosaic, I have just ordered my mini cards from some of my pictures and if it comes out nicely then I will be ordering another one with family pictures, you just have to make sure that the pictures can be cropped in a nice way.

Link: Moo

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  1. looks cool! lets see how will yours look ..

  2. I loved the idea of cropped photos. I enjoy scrapbooking more but this frame looks clean cut and an interesting idea. lol, my moo’s would be “cup of tea”…

  3. I think they look okay. I wouldn’t buy them, though, since they look like something you can do at home if you have the time. I like the name “moo” though and I like the rubber erasers on the side. They look delicious =]

  4. I am so going to go on their site and place an order! he he

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