The Last Few Days of Hajj

There was some point during our stay in Arafah that I completely forgot how long we have been there. It is a very serene feeling being at Arafah and there is a lot I would like to say about it, and our Hamlah did an amazing job with the timings and helping us avoid the millions of people here. Those 36 hours felt more like a few days but the time was flying between Doa’a and prayer, and talking to people.

You go through such a spiritual and religious experience with a dynamic group of people. You really do bond with these people and you don’t realize how small the world is. Just two more days to go, and it has been the best trip of my life by far. I am very lucky that I managed to come with some family members or else I would honestly be lost. You try to remember everyone you know and family, and even Doa’a for Kuwait to get better. I know people might not say this enough, but Saudi Arabia is doing an amazing job with the organization and the infrastructure to handle so many different people and I am thankful for being able to Hajj, and I hope this won’t be my last one because it is just such an experience.

We just had the 2nd day of Ramee Al Jamaarat and a lot of people were feeling under the weather. I felt queasy and a sore throat but I stayed in the Hamlah in Mina waiting it out and not doing much else. It did get better with time and Hamdilah by 11pm when we headed to the Jamaarat I was doing fine but by that time the flu set in on some of the women in our group and they weren’t doing too well and on the second day it was getting very crowded. One girl was not in good shape and they took her flying to the bus where the doctor was waiting for her, it was the case of flu and dehydration. And as we finished Jamaraat another 6 women fainted as we were walking, it was a moment where our group came together to make sure these women got safely to the buses, it is an exhausting experience and for everything they did they will receive a hasanah from God for each and every hardship during Hajj. You really do bond with people your group I don’t know most of these women but when someone is troubled you can’t do anything but want to help and there is a surge of energy inside of you. I know it might seem a bit strange reading all this but it is a such an overwhelming experience in Hajj. The one thing I am extremely thankful for is that this Hajj has been very easy in comparison to the stories I was told, and I am very happy to meet so many different and good people. There is a lot more that I want to talk about but these days I barely have time to sit in front of a PC and you just want to pass out after these long walks.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That is all really great
    tagabaal Allah a3malkom and inshalla I will get to go soon as well :)

  2. Mashalla mashalla mashalla..3alak balf 3afya oo inshalla 7aj mabroor oo thaneb mqfoor oo taqball allah inshalla. Yallah ya rab yenketeblena il 7ajj..

  3. jewaira

    Blessed journey.

  4. taqabal allah 6a3atkom.
    o wish u a safety travel back to kuwait.

  5. I wish you all the best and hope you get to go there again soon!

  6. 7aj Maqboool oo sa3ee mashkoor inshalla :)

  7. the girl

    im much better now;p
    i feel famous winta kateb 3any ib ur blog :P even though its abt dehydration and flu:P

    but ur right.. everyone did come together.. it was overwhelming.. magasartaw!

  8. it is just exactly how it should feel.. people scare you at the beginning of everything… el za7meh w el nas wel jamarat… but at the end… it is just a matter of time mangement and a lot of “tesaheel men allah”

    you mentioned something about the Saudi’s and how they are handling the “job” … in a Total Quality Management class we were discussing how hajj should go through several things in order to maintain the quality of issues… there was a research written about it but i never got hold of it.

    el 7emdelelah 3ala il salameh w hope you are feeling better

    (the girl: matshoofein shar w 7ajn mabroor w thanbn ma’3foor) :)

  9. Dhari

    Looks like someone noticed every single moment of that ;p !! thats me ;p
    anyways i agree we had a wonderful experiance over there and i kinda wished that it would never end ;)

  10. I agree Saudia Arabia did a great job controlling people, zain minhom! Plus everyone I know said hajj was much easier this year than what they expected it to be, ilhamdillah

  11. plastic

    you’re so lucky ! i hate you ! 7aj maqbool enshallah =p

  12. Congratulations! May Allah accept your Hajj, and take you back many times, ameen.

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