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Back from Hajj

After this long and amazing journey, we are all back from Hajj. It hit us as soon as we landed that it is very cold in Kuwait compared to wear we were. I’m lucky our flight wasn’t delayed but many others weren’t as lucky. I thought I might sleep right away but that wasn’t the case, I saw both family and friends, and fell asleep around 2 am in the morning. I couldn’t sleep more then a few hours and woke up around 7:40 am even though I wanted to sleep more I couldn’t.

I even went out on my bike for a bit, went to breakfast, saw family in the afternoon, and in the evening then with my friends for a bit. Out of the past few days I couldn’t watch a movie without passing out. Its interesting going to back to what I know, experiencing so much during a time that I wasn’t sure what was next. Tawaf Al Weda’a was hectic that morning and there was a lot of people, but we went to the top of the Haram and finish it. I was pushing a relative on a wheel chair while doing the Tawaf and that turned it into a competition for me, I was timing my laps while making doa’a which I found to be funny, I think God has a sense of humor. The hard part wasn’t the pushing, the hard part was braking so that I don’t hit the people that cut in front of me. As time progressed I cut the turn from 11 minutes down to 7 minutes which wasn’t too bad. After that morning I took a shower and my legs felt very light, and sore after a little while. Now back in Kuwait in this lovely weather, and so many family to visit and a few things to take care of.